Melbourne Businesses with Fake Plant Decorations

Artificial plants and flowers have now been trendy for decoration in many establishments such as home, offices, and other places. They are widely used due to the convenience they bring which are being maintenance free, have many varieties available and being affordable.

office decor artificial plants

Most of these artificial plants also feature being UV protected to make them last longer than most real plants. Today, they have been used in many parts of the world such as in Melbourne where several businesses opted for using fake flowers for decorations.


Businesses Using Artificial Plants and Flowers

   Melbourne located in Australia is known for having various tropical and exotic plants, yet the establishment there still choose to use fake flowers as it comfortable to maintain and convenient for busy establishments.  Here are some examples of the most popular business establishments that use fake flowers:

  • Prima Towers

Prima Towers is known to be one of the most popular residential buildings in Melbourne. The building features an elegant and classical theme that embodies a high-class appeal to its resident. It also has luxurious interiors, finishes, and décor.

Though saying this, Prima towers is not a stranger to using artificial or fake flowers to add to its interior decoration. Upon entering the establishment, you will see elegantly designed artificial floral decorations in the lobby, sophisticated silk flowers arrangements and styling in the reception desk which will make any guest feel its luxurious appeal.

  • The Body Shop

The Body Shop is widely known for being one of the leading suppliers of beauty product in the world and has now many branches of offices in different countries, one of which is located in Melbourne. It is also known for using artificial flowers and plants in its establishment as it embodies a natural theme for its clients. One of the most popular and striking artificial design in its office is it’s lush green wall found in the reception area which is covered with artificial green leaves and flowers.

  • Fonda Mexican

Fonda Mexican is a well-known restaurant in Melbourne Australia that features one of the best Mexican foods. It features a homey and nostalgic atmosphere. It features wooden interiors and natural decorations which will make anyone feel relaxed and calm when eating. It also is known for having lush greenery of artificial or fake plants in its embellishments such as windowsills, dining area, benches, etc. which adds natural elegance to its establishment. The artificial plants displayed in its dining area are all UV protected to protect it from the harsh heat of the sun.

  • Duralift Offices

The Duralift offices in Melbourne are one of the business establishments that uses fake flowers and greenery in its offices. It uses modern yet natural design to makes it office look sleek and vibrant. Stylish greenery can be found on counters and beautiful potted trees in its offices.  Offices like this due to their busy environment, love using artificial plants as it does not require them to maintain it often and can last for a long time.

  • Long Story Short Café

The Long Story Short Café is one of the famous cafés in Melbourne that features various artificial floral designs in its interiors. It features hanging plants which compliment its sleek white background and even a vertical garden. It also has multiple artificial trees and colorful artificial centerpieces which will brighten up any mood.


In conclusion, Melbourne has many business establishments that use fake flowers in decorating their establishment as it provides them with beautiful greenery yet with hardly any maintenance. Most of this businesses hire professional interior designers to do this and helps make their offices or buildings look beautiful, modern and unique.