Brighten up your business with our beautiful silk flower arrangements!

  • Cost effective
  • New design each month
  • Free delivery
  • Tailored designs

Our designs are delivered in your choice of stylish ceramic pots, decorative planters or glass vases, complete with our true-to-life artificial water. Our team will deliver flower arrangements for your reception and corporate areas fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to suit your needs. Once we understand the look you want to achieve, we’ll take care of it all for you.


Cost effective floral solutions

Our premium artificial flower and plant arrangements are the smart, sustainable choice. You can set up your preferred hire package and then leave the details to us. We have easy payment and invoicing plans available to make the whole process simple and seamless. 

Cost effective floral solutions

Customised designs to hire or buy

We design bespoke arrangements that suitably reflect your brand, corporate colours, image and business personality. Your business can have all of the impact of beautiful plants and flowers to build your brand and present a professional image without the inconvenience of maintaining live bouquets. 

Choose the design size that suits your space

Our standard designs come in 4 heights.

SMALL: approx. 30-50cm

MEDIUM: approx. 80cm

LARGE: approx. 100-120cm

EXTRA LARGE: approx. 120-140cm