Maintenance and Care for Artificial Flowers

Artificial plants are known to be a great decoration to any establishment such as homes and offices. They make any space or room have a feel of a naturalistic theme making it vibrant and beautiful without the hassle of regular maintaining compared to the natural ones.

fake flower decorations need cleaning too

They can also last for a long period of time while maintaining their original form.  Saying this, like any other ornaments, artificial plants need occasional cleaning and maintaining. This helps in keeping their beauty longer and removes dirt which may cause sickness or allergies.


Materials and Tools

The materials that are needed to clean artificial plants are simple and can be found at home or bought at local stores. Here are the materials needed to clean these beautiful faux plants:

  • Dishwashing Liquid or Soap
  • Dry cloth
  • Feather Duster
  • Blower or Vacuum
  • Salt
  • Window cleaner
  • UV protection Spray


Methods of Maintenance and Cleaning

 There are many ways to clean and care for your artificial plants. Here are some known methods for cleaning and maintaining them:

  • Wiping or Dusting

This is the traditional and one of the simplest method for cleaning plastic plants. By using a dry cloth or feather duster, gently wipe each part of the plants such as the leaves, branches, stem, and flower. This is to remove dust particles that have accumulated when it is displayed.  After wiping or dusting, allow the plant to air dry.

  • Soap and Water

Using soap and water in cleaning artificial plants is also an effective method as it removes hard to remove dirt and particles that can't be removed by wiping or dusting alone.  Pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid into a water to form a soap solution. Soak plants into the solution and gently rub its parts to remove dust and dirt. Then, Use water to rinse. Just make sure to color test the plant before soaking to prevent any discoloration. Allow the plants to air dry after or wipe it gently with a dry cloth.

  • Salt

This method is called the "Dry Clean Method" and is often used in small artificial plants. Put 1/2 cup of salt (preferably rock salt) into a small plastic bag or zip bag together with the faux plant.   Seal or close the bag and shake it up for 1-2 minutes.   This method helps remove dirt that are hard to reach as the salt goes through the nooks and crannies of the plant.

  • Window Cleaner Solution

Using window cleaner solution is also an effective way of cleaning and maintaining plants. This method not only cleans the plant but also disinfects it as most window cleaners have an ammonia D ingredient in its solution. Just spray the solution on the plant and gently wipe to allow the solution to spread all over the plant.  Once done, Air dries the plant in sunlight for at least 30 minutes to allow it to set.

  • Blow dryer or Vacuum

This method is usually done with big artificial plants such as trees. This also helps remove dirt effectively especially particles which are hard to remove. Blow dry the artificial plants and make sure that the heat is not too much to prevent any damage on the plant

  • UV Protection Spray

Using protection spray helps protect the plant from the harsh rays of the sun. This is very important as it helps maintains the color and form of the plant.   Spray the plant with the UV Protection Solution and allow it to air dry and set it for at least a day.



               In conclusion, it is very easy to maintain and care for artificial flowers and plants. It doesn’t need regular maintaining like its natural counterparts yet in order to make it last and keep it on its original form, one must occasionally clean it by using any of the methods above.