Artificial Flower Arrangements

Today, artificial flower arrangements are very popular, especially in big events. They post the same look as natural flowers and are very easy to find. Most people buy and choose these for their events due to many reasons and one of them is the convenience.

fake flower arrangements are popular decor items

These faux counterparts are easy to avail and provide a hassle-free experience to the owners. They can be made from different artificial materials and can range from different types.


Types of Artificial Flowers


            There are many types of artificial flowers and it's important to consider each one when choosing to know which one is the best fit for the occasion. Here are some examples of the different types:

  • Polymers

Also known as Fresh Touch Flower, these types of flowers are a combination of latex and foam which makes its texture very soft almost like the natural ones. These are very popular on events such as wedding as it creates a natural look to the bouquets. Though much more expensive than other artificial flowers, it definitely gets your money’s worth.

  • Latex (Real Touch Flowers)

Latex flowers are made from pure latex and coated with a fine wax to make it look realistic. They tend to look more life like even when touched due to its texture. It can also be a bit hard to find as manufacturers tend to only stock few of it on their stores. 

  • Foam

Made from lightweight thin foams, these types of artificial flowers are the cheapest and is the most common among faux arrangements. They come in various types of colors and shapes and can be realistic especially when arrange in a bouquet.

  • Fabric

Artificial flowers which are made from fabric can be bought almost anywhere and is cheap. They can be made from polyester or nylon and is also common in stores and online.


Advantages of Faux Arrangements


 Events such as weddings, debuts, and galas are very hard to plan especially when decorating is brought up thus why flower arrangements are a big deal on these occasions.

they look just like real plants

Flower arrangements make any event beautiful and unforgettable which is why choosing the perfect bunch is important. That is where these artificial beauties come along. Here are some advantages of using artificial flower arrangements in your event.

  • Budget Friendly

Unlike natural flower which cost depends on the flowers and its arrangement, artificial flowers are much more affordable. Due to their materials, they cost a lot cheaper but with the same feel and look as with the natural ones. Using these beauties can save anyone a lot of money and still get the flower arrangements they like.

  • Realistic Feel

These arrangements are made to look exactly like their counterpart which is why more and more people have been choosing using artificial flowers. It creates a natural effect that is hard to notice especially when the materials have high quality such as silk. Some professionals even offer to arrange the artificial flowers to create a beautiful, natural look at the event.

  • Great Souvenirs

Due to their materials, they can last for a very long period of time while still maintaining its original look. Brides can store their artificial wedding bouquets for memories to keep from their wedding thus why it’s the perfect souvenirs to any events.

  • Availability

These artificial florals are easy to find and can be almost anywhere, even online. Individuals can order any artificial flowers they want in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere just by using the web.


  • Convenient

This is what makes these counterparts very different from the natural flower arrangements. It gives the user and owner hassle free feeling which is important for such events. They can be easily be bought online, delivered fast, and does not whiter thus bringing convenience to any busy event.